Foamtec Medical and our parent company, Foamtec International, are trusted partners of some of the largest diagnostic test kit manufacturers worldwide. Our ability to meet critical criteria relates to both product specifications and logistics. With production facilities in the USA and Asia, our customers can use transportation and manufacturing efficiencies worldwide. Your objectives are our objectives. With a commitment to quality, a strategic presence in the USA, and a global reach, Foamtec Medical is your go-to partner for cutting-edge medical swab solutions.

Manufacturing Excellence in the USA

Foamtec Medical takes pride in its ability to manufacture diagnostic foam swabs that are “Made in the USA.” This ensures adherence to rigorous quality standards and allows for faster production and delivery times. Our state-of-the-art facilities leverage the latest technologies to create high-performance swabs that meet the diverse needs of the medical industry.

A Multinational Presence

Foamtec Medical understands the importance of catering to the global market as a multinational company. Our reach extends beyond borders, enabling us to serve customers worldwide. This global perspective allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring our products consistently meet or exceed international standards.

Global Sourcing and US Supply Chain

Foamtec Medical is integral to your global sourcing network, providing quality, consistency, and traceability in one place. Our vertically integrated foam production facilities supply our manufacturing operations in Asia and the US.

Strategic Location for Optimal Service

Our strategic locations are critical to our ability to provide optimal customer service. Positioned at the heart of the USA, Foamtec Medical can swiftly respond to market demands, ensuring our clients receive their diagnostic foam swabs efficiently and reliably. We are an essential partner when Made in the USA is a critical need.

Our Thailand facility is strategically located within a major ocean port, allowing us to serve customers economically throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

Application-Specific Foam Solutions

Foamtec Medical specializes in producing application-specific foam because different diagnostic applications require unique solutions. Whether for sample collection, diagnostic testing, or other medical procedures, our foam swabs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry.

Precision Work in Thailand Factories

Foamtec Medical allows our customers to do detailed work in our Thailand facilities. This additional capability allows for intricate packaging, kitting, or assembly that our customers may want to have done overseas.

Foamtec Medical offers custom and contract manufacturing of polyurethane foam and medical device components. Along with our strategic logistics, we also provide additional capabilities such as convoluting, die-cutting, reticulating, and laminating foam and substrates that can produce unique features and benefits in end-use products.

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