Medical Device Fabrication

 Specialty Products to Your Exact Specifications

Fabrication for World-Class Medical Devices

At Foamtec Medical, we pride ourselves on the versatility and quality of our offerings. Our extensive line of ready-to-use foams is at your disposal. Connect with us today to develop application-specific proprietary foams tailored to your unique requirements.

Custom Fabrication

Our custom fabrication capabilities set us apart. We integrate medical-grade foam with other substrates, creating custom solutions specifically engineered for your end use.

Our integrated materials have found usage across a broad spectrum of applications, including but not limited to medical filters, negative pressure wound care therapy, drug delivery devices, diagnostic swabs, optics, and orthopedic positioners. We offer flexibility in production, providing products in nonsterile, sterile, pre-saturated, and full-kit assembly.

Kitting and Assembly

Understanding that efficiency and convenience are paramount in the healthcare sector. We offer a comprehensive kitting and assembly service. Our expert team is able to assemble and package a wide variety of medical devices and components, saving you valuable time and resources.

Full-kit Assembly

We can assemble entire kits, including all required components, ensuring all pieces fit together perfectly and function seamlessly.

Sterile and Nonsterile Kitting

Depending on your needs, we can provide both sterile and nonsterile kitting options. Our sterile kitting processes adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to ensure safety and cleanliness.

Custom Kitting

We can customize kits according to your specific requirements. Our team can accommodate whether you need specific components, particular packaging, or custom labels.

Built to Spec

Foamtec Medical makes medical devices to your exact specification using a variety of fabrication methods.


Felting Reticulated Foam




Die Cutting


Vertical & Horizontal Cutting




Hot Forming