Polyurethane foam can be contoured to many different shapes and sizes, is lightweight, and can be engineered with distinctive properties that give your medical device measurable benefits over your competition.

Medical grade foam can protect, provide padded comfort, absorb or wick away moisture, filter contaminants, or remove pressure from sensitive areas. In addition, PU foam can be customized to fit specific needs or designs in a clean, sterile form. This kind of customization enables manufacturers to meet the specific requirements of each medical device, thereby increasing its effectiveness and user satisfaction. A vertically integrated foam manufacturer and fabricator can help identify areas where foam can enhance a device’s design and function.

Many fields benefit from medical devices with foam components.

  • Orthotics and prosthetics that need cushioning support for the user.
  • Wound dressings to manage different types of wounds to remove exudate or provide a moist environment.
  • Accurately deliver drugs to the place they are needed the most.
  • Medical foam positioners to help patients maintain their position during surgery or diagnostic imaging.
  • Filters in respiratory devices and cardiac catheters.
  • Dental mouthguards, orthodontic appliances, and implants.

Enhances Medical Devices

Foam can increase device longevity and minimize device failure by absorbing shock from impact or vibration, protecting sensitive electronics and sensors, and absorbing moisture, dust, or contaminants that can interfere with device performance. The shock absorption extends to patients as well. Foam can protect patients from the repetitive shock of impact, resulting in less risk of injury to the patient. Using foam components in medical devices reduces the overall weight of the device.


Manufactured polyurethane medical foam is durable while providing comfort and support at an economical cost. Additionally, stabilizing patients with foam prevents accidental falls and other costly injuries that may occur. Medical-grade foam can be engineered for specific applications, and this versatility cannot be matched with different substrates.


Foam has the ability to amalgamate with other materials. If the device requires the foam to have antimicrobial or antifungal properties, these can be introduced during the manufacturing process. Similarly, if the device needs to be flame retardant, an integrated medical-grade foam manufacturer like Foamtec Medical can use non-toxic additives when pouring the foam. This kind of customization enables Foamtec to meet the specific requirements of each medical device, thereby increasing its effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Foam is a material that can be sterilized by various sterilization methods, including gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide, e-beam, and autoclaving required in medical environments where pathogen control is essential. Additional infection control properties during foam production enable the device to offer technical characteristics to meet the patient’s needs.

Non-cytotoxic foam is biocompatible and does not harm living tissue or interfere with the healing process. Biocompatibility also reduces skin reactions and irritations which reduce patient comfort. 

A well-manufactured foam enhances the user experience with their medical device. Foam can grip and stabilize medical devices, giving patients more confidence in their daily activities. Customizing the shape and size of foam can improve the proper fit and safety of the device for the specific patient. From the smallest foam piece to complete assemblies, including foam options in the research and development of medical devices improves reliability, performance, safety, and ease of use, resulting in better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Foamtec Medical offers a range of foam solutions that can be engineered to meet the unique requirements of your medical device. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we manufacture each foam component with a purpose – to enhance your device’s performance and differentiate it from the competition. Contact us today to discover how our foam technologies can benefit your medical device.