Application Specific PU Foam

Foamtec Medical Can Develop Foam in R&D to Meet Your Specific Foam Requirements for Your Medical Device

Foamtec Medical Materials

Application Specific Foam

If you are needing foam that has a specific density, strength, pore size, and more properties; Foamtec can help develop Polyurethane foam that is specific to your device requirements.

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Foam Codes

List of current foam that Foamtec has already developed.


One Campus

Medical Grade foam is sourced, fabricated, assembled, cleanroom washed and packed in a single campus. 


Wide Capabilities

Open-cell hydrophobic or hydrophilic foams as well as polyester and polyether foams for your application.


ISO Certified

Materials can be laundered in ISO 5, 7, or 8 cleanrooms for lot-to-lot verification and traceability for foreign materials.


FDA Registered

Operating in the ISO 13385 quality system ensuring clean and precise materials are used for your medical device.