Whether your application requires a specific material or combination of properties, Foamtec Medical has the unique ability to formulate foam and integrate other substrates that are specifically engineered for your end use. Our specialities materials are found in; medical filters, foam in negative pressure wound care therapy, drug delivery devices, diagnostic swabs, optics, critical cleaning, orthopedic cushions & support surfaces and a host of other devices tailored for your application. Products available in sterile, nonsterile, presaturated and full kit assembly.


Nasopharyngeal Diagnostic Sampling Swabs.


Oropharyngeal Diagnostic Sampling Swabs.

Patient &
Wound Care

Biocompatible, hydrophillic & hydrophobic foam.

Lab, Diagnostics & Drug Delivery

Ultra clean, BPA free foam applicators & swabs.

OR Products & Kit Accessories

Foam designed specifically for the sterile field.

Infection Prevention & Critical Cleaning

Scratch free removal of biofilm & debris.