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Posted by: Mike Strauss | Posted on: February 27th, 2015

Pharmaceutical companies invest heavily in the development of new topical drug technologies. Whether it is for treatment of open wounds, ostomy care, skin disease, cryogenic wart removal or cosmetic treatments, an exact tool to deliver the drug is essential for proper care and maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Swab applicators are a preferred method to delivery topical drugs. The most important aspect of delivery is the substrate that delivers the drug. It must deliver an exacting dose, and cannot interfere with the efficacy of the drug. In some applications it must be soft, touching delicate, sensitive tissue. In other uses it must scrub in order to create more surface area for the drug to penetrate. In many instances, the product must be sterile, so the handles must be made of gamma stabilized materials.

Dosage is of paramount importance so the ability to control characteristics such as porosity, density, reticulation and absorbency of the foam enable the development of a product that yield reproducible results.

Foamtec Medical is vertically integrated meaning total control of all these properties. By producing swabs and owning the medical grade foam manufacturing process, Foamtec Medical has the technology to create the ideal foam formulation for a specific drug application. No other swab applicator company has this unique capability.

With a Research & Development team that is dedicated to new product development in drug delivery and advanced wound care, an ISO 13485 compliant quality management system and expertise in medical grade swab applicator manufacturing, Foamtec Medical is the only complete choice for new topical drug delivery systems.

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